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Paulette's work can be seen here: 

Lipton Fine Arts, Ketchum, Idaho 

US Bank, Ketchum, Idaho 

Nourish Me, Ketchum, Idaho 

Gretchen's Restaurant, Sun Valley Lodge, Sun Valley, Idaho 

Wood River Sustainability Center, Hailey, Idaho 



"Unprocessed: A Closer Look at Real Food" Solo Show at Lipton Fine Arts Ketchum, Idaho  

May 29 - July 31,2015 - Sold out show! 

*Thank you to all of you that came to see my show! And thank you, thank you for all of you that made purchases. I never could have imagined that my first solo show would sell out like it did!* 

Award-winning food photographer, editor and cookbook co-creator Paulette Phlipot will present an exhibition of her work at Lipton Fine Arts “Unprocessed” is a show about food with dazzling perspectives through images, in which Phlipot expresses her fascination with real food. It’s a collection of her work as a photographer and from published books including: “Ripe,” “A Taste of Wyoming,” “A Taste of Montana,” “Entertaining Sun Valley Style” and  “Artfully Edible.”  

Why should you mark your calendar to see this exhibition? Read what the Wall Street Journal’s Aram Bakshian Jr. says about Phlipot, "Paulette Phlipot … composed photographs emphasize the natural color and visual appeal of the ingredients themselves. Unlike many of today’s food photographers, Ms. Phlipot realizes that what she is shooting isn't fashion or performance art; it's something meant to be eaten.”